information system for automated accounting of bulk shipments from open pits and mines of mining enterprises.

ILSARShip automated shipping accounting information system (ISAAS ILSARShip) — is designed to automate the accounting of railway/bulk transport of bulk cargoes of mining enterprises/concentration plants/plants using paperless technologies (using EDS) and the transfer of information to internal and external participatory services and structures.

The system allows to control and perform actions on groups of railway cars, namely: viewing and editing readings, weighing, reforming, sending telegrams for loading, creating loading sheets in ETRAN, as well as taking similar control over vehicles.

Using the system, it is possible to generate and print reports and registers with the results of weighing, certificates, loading sheets, consignor lists.

The system is built using modern client-server technology with load balancing between the client and server parts. Uses a friendly web user interface. The program code is optimized for maximum performance and does not require powerful computing resources from the server.

The ILSARShip system links together:

  • Car number reading systems (can be integrated with readers by Research and Production Enterprise Alfa-Pribor OJSC, ISS, Research Center FORS).
  • Car weighing systems in dynamics and statics (manufactured by Avitek-Plus LLC, ASI LLC).
  • Automobile weighing systems (by Avitek-Plus LLC, ASI LLC).
  • The ETRAN system (Electronic Loading Sheet) of Russian Railways (the exchange of documents using electronic digital signature (EDS) is carried out through the Integrated Rail Transport Management System developed by ITL-Consulting).
  • Corporate accounting system — SAP R3, 1C Enterprise.


In the ILSARShip system, user privileges are delimited, so the level of access to certain sections depends on the login and password entered. The actions are recorded by login and computer name, this allows to clearly establish under which account, at what time, and from which computer the changes were made.

Railway cars

The system implements the ability to view the current state of the cars in real time. Information on the date of the last operation, the freight operator, and weight data is displayed. Color indication of wagons with certain technical deviations from the others (requiring repair, solid-bottom, advance loading, «yellow mileage», excess capacity) was implemented.

Car groups

Upon receipt of empty railway cars at the enterprise for further loading of products, data on these cars are automatically entered into the system, and the trains are formed into groups of cars with which the operator can perform various tasks, namely: to carry out shunting operations, to break the train into service for loading, customize the train to the technical norm and so on.

Motor transport

As in the case of railway transport, the system implements the function of accounting and control of shipments of products by road. ILSARShip receives data on the results of all vehicle weighings, using which one can perform a full cycle of product shipment from the enterprise by truck, create a loading sheet and all the documents necessary for reporting.


The ILSARShip system provides users with convenient and flexible access to the formation of the necessary reports and registers, allows to create documents both for the internal needs of the enterprise for the purpose of auditing shipments made, and for the needs of external involved services and structures.

System architecture

The system is built on client-server technology using MS SQL Server running MS Windows Server, which provides high reliability and stability, as well as a very high degree of protection against information loss and distortion. Protection is provided by the database server, which automatically controls the integrity and safety of information.

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