Unified Automated Workstation of the Weigher for all types of railway / truck scales and optical reading systems for wagon / car numbers

ILSARScale Weigher Workstation (AWS) — software designed to record the actual shipment of products from the enterprise, performed by rail and road. The software interacts directly with the weight controllers and is installed
at weight stations of the enterprises where transport is weighed.

The software allows to perform a variety of tasks — from registering an empty vehicle arriving at the enterprise for loading, to receiving shipping documents for both customers (loading sheets, shipping coupon) and for various services of the enterprise (reports on shipments within the enterprise).

It allows to process data obtained from reading systems for wagon and car numbers, while forming snapshots of car and wagon numbers with reference to each weighing, records the tare, net and gross weight of the wagon and car.

Able to control traffic lights, barriers, displays information about arrivals on external displays.

If the company has several loading terminals/ detraining points several ILSARScale workstations can be combined into one common system — Unified Automated Workstation, which allows organizing a single place for collecting, storing and viewing information.

A specially designed notification service sends SMS messages and e-mail messages about specified events in the system.
The program implements various types of reporting, allowing to monitor the progress of the weighting.

Railway loading
Single automated workstation
Number reading system
Run Editor interface

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