ILSAR in Malyi Port Stevedoring Company, LLC

As part of starting the project of the information and logistics system in Malyi Port Stevedoring Company, LLC (Vostochny Port, Primorsky Krai) on automation of stevedoring activities, our company, in together with ITL-Consulting put into commercial operation the information-logistics system ILSAR and integrated management system of railway transportation.

The implementation of ILSAR ILS allowed to:

  • create a unified system of operational, documentary accounting and control of port resources, vehicles engaged in the process of delivery to the port and transshipment of goods;
  • increase the transparency of business processes during loading and unloading operations and reduce transport and logistics costs;
  • • increase work efficiency by conducting internal/external electronic document management, as well as accelerate the formation of documents in customs and other supervisory public services and organizations in the Vostochny Port, with Russian Railways (automatic exchange of electronic documents with AS ETRAN using electronic digital signature, using software Integrated Rail Transport Management System)
  • ensure the rhythmic and stable operation of production units;
  • accelerate decision-making by the port’s management staff through the use of modern content delivery tools (ILSARMobileMonitor solution) to mobile/portable devices (communicators/tablets) based on iOS and Android.

Malyi Port Stevedoring Company is a modern stevedoring company with crane technology for coal transshipment, has 3 berths in the Vostochny port (Primorsky Krai, Russia) with a total length of 353 meters and a wall depth of more than 8 meters that can receive ships with a deadweight of up to 18000 tons. Current production facilities allow to provide a full range of stevedoring services and transship up to 4 million tons of coal per year.


ILSARShip and ILSARScale in Asia Cement, LLC


As part of the launch of the project for the Automated system for accounting shipments of a cement plant, our company, together with ITL- Consulting, put into commercial operation the Information System for Automated Accounting for Shipments ILSARShip and the Automated Workplace of the Weigher ILSARScale in the Nikolsk branch of Asia Cement, LLC. Due to the application of a new development of our company — the workstation of the ILSARScale weigher and the ILSARShip system, we were able to automate the processes of cement shipment to consumers by railway transport.

Also, as part of the project accounting for the automated shipment of vehicles using the enterprise’s access control system was organized, which allowed the shipment of finished products without the participation of the weigher. As a result, the company’s personnel had the opportunity to carry out operational accounting and control of product shipment, the time spent on paperwork was reduced, and operations for loading and sending goods by railway and road were optimized. Data is automatically transferred to the ETRAN system and 1C: Enterprise corporate accounting system.

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